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The Struggle

Tenth Avenue North

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A little bit of sharing…

Hello my beautiful sisters,

I just really wanted to share something with you tonight. Something that happened when I saw Tenth Avenue North at Winter Jam last weekend. Mike Donehey, the lead singer made a comment and it really stuck out to me. It really tugged on my heart. He was talking about raising up your arms when you worship, he said “my little girls put up their arms when they want their father to pick them up.” 

He says something similar in this video, just listen to that song. 

It’s at the 14:40 mark.

If you are ever in need of things that will make you think about your faith or have a reminder of Jesus, I highly recommend getting into this band. Mike Donehey is constantly posting pictures on his instagram that are about his faith. I believe he is a daily journaler like I am and the stuff he shares in really powerful some days. He is truly a man that trusts Jesus and makes it known that he loves Jesus immensely. 

I just wanted to share that. 

I’ve been thinking about it since that night and it just makes me think about how, for me personally, when I am worshipping in a setting like that I am reaching as high as I can, I am stretching my body to reach out. And now that I think about it, I am reaching out for God, I am having this intense want to feel his presence. 

Walk In Love,


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When Do You Feel Most Beautiful? // Darling Magazine + Soul Pancake


my beautiful and darling sisters: please watch this. pass it on to the women in your life and tell them to do the same.

my strong and genuine brothers: please watch this. pass it on to the women in your life and tell them to do the same.

that poem..

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Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me. Psalm 66:16


Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me. Psalm 66:16

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"The struggle is real but so is God."

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"Never Beyond Repair" -Everfound

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"Faith is relaxing… you relax in the presence of somebody that you are certain is fond of you"

James Alison

Are you living everyday knowing that God is fond of you? And, how does that make you a different person in the way that you interact with people, in the way you handle challenges, in your attitude towards life?

When we know that we are in the presence of someone who thinks we are pretty great and infinitely valuable, we live life a whole lot differently.

Food for thought.

- K

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Winter Jam Tour!

Hey guys, 

just wondering who all has the opportunity to go to Winter Jam this year! It’s a great experience and I HIGHLY recommend going if you have the chance!

And if you do go every year, why not invite some friends? It’s a great way to show God’s amazing love! Nothing makes my heart beat like crazy quite like listening to an entire crowd sing along with Newsong or Tenth Avenue North. And there’s nothing quite like watching all the heads bow when someone prays! 

We want to hear about your personal experience, your expectations this year and anything else you want to share! 


This is one of my favorite parts of Winter Jam every year! 

I always look forward to it, it’s such a powerful song. 

Walk In Love,


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